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Ripple Boxes

One-time Ripple Box

One-time Ripple Box

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Send a gift  to a friend that feels like receiving a hug in the mail from you. 

Remind people in your community that they are known and loved by sending a meaningful and beautifully curated encouraging box. Help bless a friend and cast ripples of hope and light. 

Every Ripple Box contains: 
*Between 5-7 items from small businesses
*A tool for the person receiving the box to encourage someone else
*One item from women, children and families coming from challenging backgrounds (ie sex trafficking, refugees, widows, orphans,  fair trade, etc)

Mother's Day Boxes!!! Pre-order them now! They will go out 1st week in May. This year, you will also receive a devotional for Mom's in pdf form as part of the Mother's Day box. 

Shipping is included 

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