Thank you for joining the Ripple Boxes Frequently Asked Questions Page! 

I hope this helps to clarify things and help you feel good about sending a Ripple Box. 


How does a Ripple Box work?
You purchase the theme/box you'd like to have sent through the website and checkout process. In the notes section of checkout, write the note you'd like to be handwritten on the card. I will hand write it for you. 

If you'd like the box sent to your friend,  Put the SHIPPING as your friend's address and the Billing address as your address. The box will be sent directly to your friend.

If you'd like it shipped to you, please put YOUR Address in shipping and billing. 


Where do you get your items from?

It is a combination from people I've known from my travels, small businesses I've been introduced to, small businesses from vendor events, friends with products, companies I've search google for like Hope Coffee, and online wholesale websites like Faire. I always try to read or learn the company's story. I love learning what made a company start and make their different products. 

What is in each box? 
It depends on the box or the theme you purchase. The mini box generally has about 3-4 smaller items. The regular box generally has 5-7 normal size boxes. 

Each box contains: 

-One item from women or children coming out of challenging backgrounds. 

-There will always be a tool for the recipient to encourage someone else

-Scripture will always be in a box in some way

-A handwritten card written as if it were from you 

When will my box be sent out? When will my friend receive their box?

I do my best to get your boxes out as soon as possible. Most of the time, I will be able to send boxes out as soon as possible however I also know things can come up. 

With that being said, please allow for up to 7-10 business days for your friend to receive their box. 

If you pre-ordered a box (like valentine's day box) the box will ship the week before the holiday you bought the box for.