Send a friend a Hug in the Mail

Remind someone that they are loved, important and you're thinking of them.

Encourage a friend and make a difference.

Send a Ripple Box
  • Personal Touch

    As you check out, you can put what you'd like the card to say to your friend in the notes section.

    I'll handwrite the card and put it in the box.

    Each box can also be shipped directly to your friend.

  • Gift that Keeps giving

    Every box contains a tool (blank pre-stamped card, extra scripture, thank you coins) for the recipient to encourage someone else.

  • Making a Difference

    Every box reminds people that God loves them and that they aren't alone. It also helps provide for families. You're changing the world by casting ripples one friend and one box at a time.

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Do you know someone who

  • Needs a hug from afar?
  • Needs to be reminded of their value in Christ?
  • Needs to be reminded that you're thinking of them
  • Would appreciate a unique gift
  • May feel alone or forgotten
  • God keeps putting on your heart?
  • You'd like to thank for all they do?
  • Has a chronic illness?
  • Is the caregiver of a parent, spouse, or child?

Ripples Of Each Box

Ripple 1: Better to give than receive

Think about the joy you feel when you give a gift you know your friend will love. We are blessed just as much if not more when we love on others.

Ripple 2: Blessing your friend

Everyone needs to be reminded that they are loved, valued and important.

Sending a Ripple Box will make your friend smile and feel like they received a warm hug from a distance.

Ripple 3: Tool to encourage someone else

Every box contains a tool or something for your friend to encourage someone else.

Ripple 4: Support Small Businesses

Every Item in the box is from small businesses. When you buy a box, you're sending a friend a hug and helping to support families.

Ripple 5: Supporting Families Around the world

One item is from families around the world coming from challenging backgrounds. It provides jobs, food, shelter and dignities for families who desperately need it.

These items come from fair trade, sex trafficking, refugees, extreme poverty, and orphans.

Send a Ripple Box